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  • Minnesota Solar Panel Installers
  • Minnesota Solar Panel Installers

Photovoltaic Solar Panels (PV)

Made in Minnesota SolarSunshine converted cleanly to electricity

Clean, free, and virtually unlimited radiant energy is supplied to us by the sun, but it can’t become electricity without photovoltaic technology. Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are made of silicon cells, which when hit with light (“photo-”) release electrons (“-voltaic”). The released energy from each of the cells is collected and delivered as direct current (DC) voltage. The DC voltage can then be used to power DC devices, stored in batteries, or converted to alternating current (AC) voltage using a device called an inverter.

Once converted, AC voltage can be used for household power (like the conventional AC power from your wall outlet). On a system that is “grid-tied” (connected to the utility company’s power grid), surplus AC voltage can be “sent back” to the utility grid for credit on your monthly bill.

Basic Solar Grid Tie InstallationBasic Solar Grid Tie Installation - Made in Minnesota Solar

Quality hardware

All Zenergy systems are tailored to each individual residence or business, offering a range of choices in design, material and capacity. Nonetheless, our testing experience has led us to a handful of preferred, solar panel manufacturers that share our high standards of reliability and workmanship. 

  • Canadian Solar  Ontario, Canada

  • Heliene – Ontario, Canada

  • Itek - Washington

  • Jinko Solar – China

  • SolarWorld – Oregon


Some of our favorite inverters for solar energy systems:

  • Enphase

  • Fronius

  • Outback

  • SMA

  • Solar Edge

  • Solectria

Mounting Options