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Direct current to alternating current or vice-versa.Inverter Box

DC voltage generated by solar panels can be stored in batteries or used to power DC devices. But in order to be used for common wall outlet power, direct current (DC) voltage must be converted to alternating current (AC) voltage. This requires a device called an inverter. Inverters “invert” DC voltage so it matches the AC voltage that the utility grid supplies your home or business.
Today’s inverters offer a variety of configuration options, allowing the combination of several  technologies in one system. For example, a business or residence that is connected to the utility company’s power grid (“grid connected”) can choose to have selected “key circuits,” such as important lights, smoke detectors and computers put on a separate “subpanel.” Then if the utility company’s grid power goes out, these circuits can automatically start running off of renewable energy and/or the energy previously stored in batteries.

Grid connected systems can also “sell back” surplus energy that is generated but not used. Here the local utility company buys the electricity back at their retail rate (available in several states including Minnesota).     


Our specialists will work with you to determine the best configuration for your needs and budget.