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Solar Strong!

"The adoption of solar energy in America has reached a new height of 1 million installations nationwide. This milestone is the product of American innovation and ingenuity. It is the Million Strong
result of consumers, policy leaders, advocates and an industry of over 200,000 workers who have all helped make the nation’s clean energy revolution a reality." (SEIA, May 2016)
“Washington-based Solar Energy Industry Association and GTM Research say during the first quarter of 2016, the solar industry added more new capacity than coal, natural gas and nuclear energy combined. New solar installations accounted for 64 percent of all new electric generating capacity brought online in the U.S. last quarter.” (WTOP, June 9, 2016)
“Solar power now accounts for more installed capacity than any other form of electricity generation, according to new data out Tuesday.” (Fortune Magazine, October 25, 2016)
“China alone installed two wind turbines per hour and 500,000 solar panels a day last year.” (Fortune Magazine, October 25, 2016)
“Markets for solar energy are maturing rapidly around the country, and solar electricity is now economically-competitive with conventional energy sources in several states, including California, Hawaii, Texas, and Minnesota. Moreover, the solar industry is a proven incubator for job growth throughout the nation. Solar jobs have increased about 123% since November 2010, with nearly 209,000 solar workers in the United States.” (energy.gov)

Battery-free Solar Backup Power


Until recently, we've had to begrudgingly explain to people who want to use their grid-tied solar system for backup power that the only option available was to invest in a special "hybrid inverter" and a bank of batteries, adding to the cost and complexity of the system, and putting it out of reach for many. Fortunately, the inverter manufactures have realized the need for a better answer, and have finally delivered a compromise solution.

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Zenergy Selected to be Power Pack Installer

mreaThe Power Pack program was first implemented in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as part of the U.S. SunShot Program, and has since grown to include Minnesota and Illinois. The program provides education and resources that simplify the process for installing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

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Congratulations to Master Electrician Jon Gravdahl!

jon-nabcepZenergy is proud to announce that our Master Electrician Jon Gravdahl has joined the ranks of just a few dozen Minnesota solar PV installers who have received the North American Board of Certified Energy Practioners (NABCEP) PV Installation Specialist Certification. This rigorous certification requires hours of training, hands-on leadership experience, and passing an extremely challenging exam.

If you know Jon, you know he’s not the type to brag, so we’ll do it for him. WAY TO GO, JON!

Zenergy Projects Contribute to West Central “Smart Rural Communities” Award

smart-ruralThe Zenergy team’s development of a wind/solar hybrid kit for remote telecom equipment, an online remote monitoring solution for the kit, and exploration of “smart grid” and “smart home” technologies have helped the towns in the West Central Telephone service area collectively receive the distinction of being named one of seven “Smart Rural Communities” in the nation. WCTA received the award on behalf of the region at a National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA) gathering of more than 1,000 rural telecom leaders in Chicago on September 16.

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Spotlight on...Smart Home Solutions

nest-thermostat-5Zenergy by West Central Telephone is in a unique position — we have one leg in the world of energy, and the other leg in the world of telecommunications. This has proven to be help- ful in many ways. For example, we consulted our electricians when we needed to engineer backup power systems for our telecom equipment, and we consulted our telecom techni- cians when we designed our wind/solar remote monitoring software.

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Minnesota’s Solar Jobs Bill

Minnesota made the news recently with the passing of the Solar Jobs Bill.  This bill requires that investor-owned utilities such as Xcel, Minnesota Power, and Ottertail Power get 1.5% of their retail energy sales from solar PV by 2020. 

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Spotlight on...Commercial Rooftops

The Zenergy team had a beautiful bird’s eye view of the city of St. Paul for much of this past fall and winter, as they installed over 120 kW on the rooftops of three St. Paul city buildings — the Western District Police Station, the Rondo Community Library, and the St. Paul Public Works Service Garage.

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Wind/Solar Remote Power Kit Ready for Market

After more than two years of intensive research, system tinkering, and number crunching, Zenergy by West Central Telephone Association (WCTA) has completed development of a small wind and solar power kit for remote telecom equipment. The kit can also be used for other remote power needs such as farms and cabins. The research was funded by a $137,000 grant from the Xcel Renewable Development Fund (RDF)*, and a final presentation of the research project was made to the RDF Advisory Board in May, 2010.

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Clean Energy (SLICE) Award goes to Zenergy

Slice AwardZenergy by WCTA’s Xcel RDF project was recognized at an awards ceremony held in Washington, D.C., on October 28, 2010, in conjunction with CESA’s biannual member meeting. The national Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) has awarded Xcel Energy’s Renewable Development Fund with the State leadership in Clean Energy (SLICE) Award for providing funding support* to Zenergy by WCTA for the development and installation of remote small wind/solar hybrid renewable energy power kits for distributed generation. The SLICE awards recognize programs and projects that demonstrate leadership, effectiveness, and innovation in clean energy.

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