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Request a Meeting

Learn about moving your home or business toward zero-energy from a live Zenergy specialist.

Please click the "REQUEST A MEETING FORM" button below to send your contact information and one of our specialists will respond to your request within 2 days.

We respect your privacy. So unlike other websites, it is our policy to NEVER share this information with anyone else.

Once you’ve decided to make the move toward zero-energy, the next step is an on-site evaluation conducted by an experienced Zenergy specialist. We will sit down with you to discuss your energy goals and budget. We’ll also address any questions you might have about clean energy technologies and your particular installation. We’ll even point out some ways you can start saving on energy costs right now.

Then we’ll evaluate your site for solar resources and make note of any other relevant design considerations (such as your electric service and existing landscaping). An important part of this evaluation is a “Solar Pathfinding” reading. This reading is an estimate of your solar output. It is required for some Solar Rebate applications and helps us calculate a projection of your cost savings.

For billable Site Assessments, the cost is dependent on your location.