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Your Guide to a Zero Energy Future

The name “Zenergy” comes from the term “Zero-Energy” as in “Zero Energy Building” (ZEB). That’s a building with an annual net energy consumption balance of zero. And that means making as much energy as you consume. To us, “Zenergy” is more than a nickname for a scientific term. It’s the goal that we’re working toward every day.

Sourcing clean, renewable energy is becoming critical, not only to our planet, but our economic survival. So whether you’re passionate about ending climate change and our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, or just interested in adding renewable energy to your home or business as an investment and to lower your energy bill - Zenergy is here to lead you through every step of the process toward a clean and self-sufficient energy future.

Explaining the technical stuff in plain English, we believe in liberating you, the customer, to focus on the big picture decisions. With your valuable input and our expert knowledge, we are confident we can design a custom installation that fits your energy needs, budget and property.

The end result is a clean energy solution with long-term and short-term financial benefits that works within the existing aesthetics of your property. In other words, we aren’t asking anyone to sacrifice good looks for the sake of saving money and helping the environment.

If you have a second, have a look around now. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them here.